The Trippyness of Legion


*May contain some spoilers. Nothing big. 

The other day while looking for something new to watch, I came across this new TV series called Legion. Trippy is the first word that came to mind when describing it. You better hold onto reality when watching this.

It starts off showing the life of David Haller (Dan Stevens) and his schizophrenic episodes throughout his life. They soon lock him up in a mental institution and there he meets Sydney (Rachel Keller). The girl that has a fear of being touched. Poor guy.

She becomes his untouchable girlfriend and they live happily in crazy land, until she is released one day for being less crazy. The two doomed lovebirds say their goodbyes, swap bodies and all hell breaks loose. Swap what?!

Sydney and David Legion
Sydney and David hanging out
He soon finds out he was never really crazy. All along he had superpowers and just didn't know. Yep! He can read thoughts and move objects with his mind. Plus some other stuff that you have to see for yourself. His untouchable girlfriend Syd is also a mutant with powers to swap bodies. Oh yes, please no touching!

They soon join a team of mutants and his training begins. You need to not get distracted when watching Legion. Focus! It will make you feel like you've just escaped from a mental hospital. It's brilliant how they make us feel David's confusion.

Just some normal weird stuff happening
Just some normal weird stuff happening!
Legion is nothing like those other superpower type shows. Crazy characters that's not really crazy with superpowers. Well mutant David is completely nuts no matter how you spin it. Still sounds like a dangerous combination. I keep wondering if it's all real or if it's just another one of his schizophrenic episodes we're seeing.

So who's up for a new superhero TV series that makes you feel a little mental?

My Rating System
*         Turn it off! My eyes! My eyes! 
**       I can't look away and it's not good at all 
***     It's good but not consistent 
****   Really good! Go ahead and watch it or else FOMO will decent upon you
***** Wow!! I need to watch this all day, every day!

My Rating

***** I'll give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

It's a FX production based on a Marvel comics X-Men mutant. Should I have mentioned that earlier? Surprise! Anyway, that equals awesomeness! Plus I've never seen anything like this before. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but it will be interesting to see how crazy it will get and what these characters can actually do.

I'm hoping it will balance out a little though. Maybe a little less trippyness and a more stable David aka Legion. On the other hand, this character is brilliant and if craziness comes with the territory, then so be it!

Have you watched Legion yet? Do you enjoy the insanity? Please comment! I'd love to read your thoughts (not like David! Oh you know what I mean!)

Pic credit: FX promotional image and screenshots I took from the TV series Legion and edited.

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