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Hello Reader! ツ

Welcome to my new blog! Those who have been following me should know that I wanted to add a TV series collection to my Google plus profile. I changed my mind and decided to rather turn it into a blog. There's more space to write on here.

To the newbies that have no idea who I am, my name is Lorenza or Renza for short. I have two awesome dogs Buffy and Fluffy. They blog about dog stuff. Not kidding! Please check out our other blog lifeanddogstuff.com if you have time.

I thought I'd create this new blog to share my love of TV shows. Have you ever watched something so good and wanted to tell someone about it? Well I feel like that alot. Lol.

Now I can tell everyone willing to listen or read in this case. I share my own opinions. Everyone likes different things. When I start watching a series I always do a three to five episode test. Meaning if I'm not hooked yet or I get bored, I'll ditch the show and move on.

I prefer any show that has a supernatural element to it. I also love comedies, mysteries, dramas, documentaries, action, crime, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasies. So I have quite a broad taste in TV series.

There's a lot to watch and so little time. Don't worry, I'll rate them for you. I made up my own rating system. I'll give a number out of 5, where nr.1 causes bleeding eyes and nr.5 is something that you'll watch all day, every day.

I'll see you soon...

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