The Sillyness Of Trial And Error

Trial and Error review

Hello fellow binge watchers!

I'm trying out a new greeting. Next week I might say hello blah blah. I'm open to suggestions. This week I wanted to make a list of the sitcoms I watch during the week.

While compiling my list, I came across a new 30 min sitcom called Trial and Error (or is it 20 min?). I wanted to add it to the  list, but unlike the other sitcoms that I can't really review individually because there's not a lot to say, this one is a little different. I'll post my list next week, maybe. It can wait. Today I need to write about Trial and Error.

Trial and Error follows the murder trial of Larry Henderson (John Lithgow) who is accused of murdering his wife Margaret. His wife's brother  hires a defence team to proof Larry's innocence. That's when we meet some interesting characters with the weirdest personalities.

First there's Josh ( Nick Dagosto), Larry's inexperienced lawyer that has never tried a murder case before. The prosecutor Carol Ann (Jayma Mays) who is hell bent on seeing Larry  'fry' or make sure he gets a 'death by bear' sentence so that she can prove herself worthy of becoming the next District Attorney.

Ann Trial and Error review
Ann's drawing of someone she saw.
Then there's Dwayne (Steven Boyer) the investigator who has a fear of closed toilet doors. Josh's assistant/researcher Ann (Sherri Shepherd) suffers from multiple mental illnesses like facial amnesia, fainting when she sees beautiful things and laughing uncontrollably when she hears sad news. Yep!

Not forgetting Larry who's trying his best to look innocent, but is labeled  'wife murderer' all over town. He's not making it easy for his defence team, but they believe he's innocent even though nobody else does. He has a cute dog too and a daughter that's way too normal. His defence team is clueless and we'll probably see Larry fry.  Sorry Larry. Not sure how you're getting out of this one.

Theories of the murder plus lunch orders
Thank you NBC for giving me/us this sitcom/mockumentary. Oh I forgot to tell you it's in a single camera format. Similar to The Office, we see little interviews in between an episode where each character shares what's been going on. 

My Rating System
*         Turn it off! My eyes! My eyes! 
**       I can't look away and it's not good at all 
***     It's good but not consistent 
****   Really good! Go ahead and watch it or else FOMO will decent upon you
***** Wow!! I need to watch this all day, every day!

My Rating

***** I'll give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

I couldn't stop laughing while watching this show. It might be the best new sitcom I've seen in a very long time. That's the reason why it couldn't go on the list. It needed its own little spotlight.

Who's up for a dose of sillyness? Have you watched Trial and Error yet?

Pic credit: NBC promotional image and pics I screenshot and edited while watching NBC's Trial and Error.

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The Craziness of Lethal Weapon

lethal weapon review

By now everyone should have seen or atleast heard of the Lethal Weapon movies (Starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover). If not, hope you'll check them out.

Anyway, years after the movies, they finally created a Lethal Weapon TV series. Yay! I'm saying yay because I love these buddy cop comedy action type shows.

I've watched and followed this series week after week when it first came out 18 episodes ago and was not disappointed. It's a fun, action filled TV series and these characters are awesome.

Martin Riggs (crazy good cop played by Clayne Crawford) lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic car accident. He was partnered up with Roger Murtaugh (good cop played by Damon Wayans), a family man who just survived a heart attack.

One can't help but feel for these characters. We see how their partnership helps Riggs heal and he sort of becomes part of Murtaugh's family.

Unfortunately Riggs is a little careless with his life after loosing everything. That makes for a lot of unpredictable crazy behaviour, like daring Mr. bank robber to shoot him, jumping off a building and taking his partner with (they ended up in a garbage bin full off nails! Ouch!). The unpredictability of this character is what makes it such a fun watch.

Riggs gets a bit more stable as the episodes continue with the help of Murtaugh and his police department psychologist Maureen (Jordana Brewster), but the craziness never stops. Those who love the comedy action genre should check this one out if you haven't yet.

It's light and not too heavy with the emotional stuff. The dynamic between these two characters and the constant back and forth arguing over everything is hilarious to watch.

My Rating System
*         Turn it off! My eyes! My eyes! 
**       I can't look away and it's not good at all 
***     It's good but not consistent 
****   Really good! Go ahead and watch it or else FOMO will decent upon you
***** Wow!! I need to watch this all day, every day!

My Rating

**** I'll give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

It's on my weekly watch list and I look forward to watching the next episode every week. Season one ended at episode 18, but luckily it has already been renewed for season 2 by Fox networks. A well deserved renewal. I'm a big fan of Damon Wayans and Clayne as Riggs makes for some awesome television.

Have you watched Lethal Weapon yet? What do you think about the show?

Pic credit: FOX promotional image

The Trippyness of Legion


*May contain some spoilers. Nothing big. 

The other day while looking for something new to watch, I came across this new TV series called Legion. Trippy is the first word that came to mind when describing it. You better hold onto reality when watching this.

It starts off showing the life of David Haller (Dan Stevens) and his schizophrenic episodes throughout his life. They soon lock him up in a mental institution and there he meets Sydney (Rachel Keller). The girl that has a fear of being touched. Poor guy.

She becomes his untouchable girlfriend and they live happily in crazy land, until she is released one day for being less crazy. The two doomed lovebirds say their goodbyes, swap bodies and all hell breaks loose. Swap what?!

Sydney and David Legion
Sydney and David hanging out
He soon finds out he was never really crazy. All along he had superpowers and just didn't know. Yep! He can read thoughts and move objects with his mind. Plus some other stuff that you have to see for yourself. His untouchable girlfriend Syd is also a mutant with powers to swap bodies. Oh yes, please no touching!

They soon join a team of mutants and his training begins. You need to not get distracted when watching Legion. Focus! It will make you feel like you've just escaped from a mental hospital. It's brilliant how they make us feel David's confusion.

Just some normal weird stuff happening
Just some normal weird stuff happening!
Legion is nothing like those other superpower type shows. Crazy characters that's not really crazy with superpowers. Well mutant David is completely nuts no matter how you spin it. Still sounds like a dangerous combination. I keep wondering if it's all real or if it's just another one of his schizophrenic episodes we're seeing.

So who's up for a new superhero TV series that makes you feel a little mental?

My Rating System
*         Turn it off! My eyes! My eyes! 
**       I can't look away and it's not good at all 
***     It's good but not consistent 
****   Really good! Go ahead and watch it or else FOMO will decent upon you
***** Wow!! I need to watch this all day, every day!

My Rating

***** I'll give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

It's a FX production based on a Marvel comics X-Men mutant. Should I have mentioned that earlier? Surprise! Anyway, that equals awesomeness! Plus I've never seen anything like this before. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but it will be interesting to see how crazy it will get and what these characters can actually do.

I'm hoping it will balance out a little though. Maybe a little less trippyness and a more stable David aka Legion. On the other hand, this character is brilliant and if craziness comes with the territory, then so be it!

Have you watched Legion yet? Do you enjoy the insanity? Please comment! I'd love to read your thoughts (not like David! Oh you know what I mean!)

Pic credit: FX promotional image and screenshots I took from the TV series Legion and edited.

The Mystery of Riverdale

This is my first attempt at reviewing a TV series. I'll try to do my best. This blog will evolve as I experiment on new ways to do a review. I don't like spoilers, so I'll try not to say too much about what happened to who. 

Riverdale is a new murder mystery TV series mixed with some teenage drama. There's only a few episodes out, so you can catch up quick if you haven't seen it yet.

Those who know the Archie comics, should know who these characters are. Riverdale is a comic brought to life. In this case, a dark version of the comic. Personally I have not read the Archie comics, but they sound really cool.

The series is set in a small town called Riverdale. It follows the death of Jason Blossom. The once perfect small town is turned upside down and everyone soon sees there's more beneath the surface.


Archie, the main character is not so innocent and has a secret of his own. I think as the series continues, we'll find that all these characters have something to hide.

I love a good whodunit and Riverdale had me hooked by episode one already. It's a definite must watch TV series for those who love murder mysteries. 

There's alot of love triangles and even bestie triangle dynamics between these characters. I keep wondering who is who's bestie. But those type of relationships are important and necessary for these characters to grow.

So who killed the Blossom twin? Guess Riverdale will let us know eventually. Until then, we can only speculate and pick the most shady character. It will be hard. They're all a little shady!

My Rating System
*         Turn it off! My eyes! My eyes! 
**       I can't look away and it's not good at all 
***     It's good but not consistent 
****   Really good! Go ahead and watch it or else FOMO will decent upon you
***** Wow!! I need to watch this all day, every day!

My Rating

**** I'll give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

It's really good and it's definitely going on my weekly watch list. These characters keep surprising me and it will be interesting to see where they will end up. I would have given it a 5, but it's new. I'll do another review on it if we get to season 2. So far, so good.

Have you watched Riverdale yet? What do you think about it?

Pic credit. CW promotional image and screenshots from the show I edited and turned into a comic. Sort of.

Welcome to my new blog

must watch tv series

Hello Reader! ツ

Welcome to my new blog! Those who have been following me should know that I wanted to add a TV series collection to my Google plus profile. I changed my mind and decided to rather turn it into a blog. There's more space to write on here.

To the newbies that have no idea who I am, my name is Lorenza or Renza for short. I have two awesome dogs Buffy and Fluffy. They blog about dog stuff. Not kidding! Please check out our other blog if you have time.

I thought I'd create this new blog to share my love of TV shows. Have you ever watched something so good and wanted to tell someone about it? Well I feel like that alot. Lol.

Now I can tell everyone willing to listen or read in this case. I share my own opinions. Everyone likes different things. When I start watching a series I always do a three to five episode test. Meaning if I'm not hooked yet or I get bored, I'll ditch the show and move on.

I prefer any show that has a supernatural element to it. I also love comedies, mysteries, dramas, documentaries, action, crime, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasies. So I have quite a broad taste in TV series.

There's a lot to watch and so little time. Don't worry, I'll rate them for you. I made up my own rating system. I'll give a number out of 5, where nr.1 causes bleeding eyes and nr.5 is something that you'll watch all day, every day.

I'll see you soon...

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